Mechmate Integrated Services is a registered motor vehicles workshop owned by Mr. Leo Zvikaramba who is a certified Motor vehicle technician. We specialise in the servicing and maintenance of diesel engines




Mechmate Integrated Services is a private company run by a skilled technician who has worked from various companies from small to big of the same trade. In addition to my experience and personal qualities, I have a solid educational foundation and a passion for diesel mechanics.


Mechmate Integrated Services has been running for the past 2 years.

Our main focus is on providing technical services mainly mechanical & basic electrical services in diesel mechanics. Our services includes maintenance, repairs, support/ assistance, field services & overhauls (engines, drive trains, brakes, suspension & conversion)




  • To trouble shoot faults based on customer complaint information.
  • To ensure safety of customers equipment and follow all safety guideline policies.
  • To provide technical services, mechanical and electrical that are reliable, profitable, efficient & negotiable to all clients.
  • To maintain professional workmanship standards all the time. A team player with high level of dedication.
  • Check in and release of vehicles after required service has been successfully completes or withdraw by client.
  • Taking responsibility for ensuring safe keep of both new and old spares in accordance with company policies.



  • To gain entry into companies, organizations & individuals to utilize my skills and gain experience through years of working and make a valuable contribution to your company, organization & individual.
  • To procure & provide a one stop service workshop centre which includes mobile workshop, courtesy cars, towing services, car wash & diagnostic services.




  • Tune ups
  • Field services
  • Engine overhaul
  • After hour deliveries
  • Fix and supply option
  • Mechanical conversion
  • Basic electrical services
  • Technical advice and assistance
  • Diesel mechanics (service provider)
  • Major services to all vehicle sub-systems
  • Technical information on service schedules
  • Diagnosis based on customer complaint info.
  • Engine components mechanical engineering check up
  • Thorough check in and release on every vehicle before and after the required services have been successfully completed or withdrawn by the client.